B.J. Keeton

Marketing Consultant and Web Developer

8 years of Wordpress Experience
Totally awesome

Wordpress Developer

With over 8 years of Wordpress experience, you can bet your behind that you'll have the shiniest, fastest, most awesomest Wordpress site out there.

(Disclaimer: that might be a slight exaggeration, but it'll still be totally neato!)

Marketing Consultant

I'm a people person. I'm a talker. I'm a storyteller. No matter who your audience is, I can help you reach them, become their friend, and help them understand why your story matters. By treating your target audience like real people, I can help you make a connection that goes beyond email and social media.

Content Writer and Editor

I have spent nearly a decade as a college English instructor, so I kinda know words. I can pretty much make the English language do back-flips. Just tell me what you need written or tidied up, and it'll be a masterpiece by morning your deadline.

Let's Talk!

Feel free to check out my other projects to see what I've been up to, or if you're already super impressed by my amazingness, email me so we can discuss your project in depth or schedule a time for a Skype call!

I love what I do. And I think you will, too.

Like Alexander Hamilton said to Aaron Burr, "What are you waiting for? What do you stall for? You came to my page. What was it all for?"

Okay, so maybe I changed the line a little bit. I think Lin-Manuel would be okay with that, don't you?

And to paraphrase another line from the ten-dollar founding father, "how can you say no to this?"